5 Facts About Nicaragua

Over the past years, Nicaragua has grown its potential to become of the most preferred tourist destinations in Central America isthmus. The country boasts itself of beautiful landscapes, warm climate, unique indigenous cultures, and friendly people. Therefore, if you are planning a flight to the country, or simply want to learn about it, here are 5 facts you need to know.

1. Nicaragua has plenty of natural beauty

Nicaragua has an abundance of natural sceneries as well as a unique ecosystem. Some of the varied landscapes found within the country include volcanic features, freshwater bodies, marine habitats, tropical rainforests, just to mention a few. This, therefore, makes Nicaragua a hot spot for nature lovers. According to the World HABITAT, there are about 170 species of bird in Nicaragua. Also, some of the world’s unique mammals such a jaguarondi, spider monkey, margay, and armadillos live in the country.

2. The largest lake in Central America

Nicaragua is also home to Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest freshwater lake in the region of Central America, and the 19th largest in the entire world. The lake has a depth of 26 meters and hots some of the most deadly sharks in the earth. Because the lake is situated in the tropical rainforest, it receives a constant supply of freshwater from rainfall as well as from the San Juan River. 

3. Nicaragua is highly susceptible to natural disasters

The country is usually situated in a tectonically active region which experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Several active volcanoes, some with recent eruptions stretches up the country contributing to its statue. However, don’t let this surprise you. None of these active volcanoes causes any threat whatsoever.

4. Nicaragua is the best place on earth to see stars

Most people, including astronauts, prefer visiting the country as it offers an excellent spot for viewing the stars. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing constellations, Nicaragua is the place to be. You can easily view over 88 constellations during the clear skies, especially at night. One of the main reason as to why this is possible Nicaragua’s fantastic equatorial location. This presents you with an opportunity to view the skies both at the northern and the southern hemisphere.

5. Nicaragua is the top destination countries for intrepid travelers

For those who with a limited number of places to visit, Nicaragua can best suit your bucket list. You will, however, realize how fascinating the country is. With the raw natural and pristine beaches, the country is an ideal destination for an intrepid traveler. Besides, it provides extreme adventure through a variety of outdoor activities. Due to the tropical rainforests, the locals have established some of the fantastic zip lines that go through the cloudy forest canopies. Besides, you can also engage in volcano terrain sports just for fun. This activity is such an adrenaline-pumping, especially if you are new to the area.

Therefore, Nicaragua is one of the few countries not only with the unusual historical background but also a fantastic culture and unique diversity. Generally, the country is slowly becoming a major tourist hotspot due to its amazing facts.